WHat is Rex?

REX (Ranch Equipment X) is a new line of equipment for acreage owners and owners of small ranches. This equipment attaches to ATVs, or to small tractors with a 3-point hitch system. 

This equipment is high-quality, and it comes at a comfortable price point for those who want to take care of their acreages without having to break the bank, or spend the whole day. The products within the REX family include:


ATV Flail Mower - 15 HP

• Full width rear discharge for cutting wide swaths and evenly spreading grass clippings
• Durable “Y” rock blades for mowing heavy grass and light brush
• Seriously reduces mowing time on large lawns and easily cuts grass up to 8” tall
• Floating deck design reduces scalping for great results, even on the trickiest terrain
• Adjustable mowing height from 0” – 6”

ATV Field & Brush Mower - 20.5 HP

• Floating deck design moves with the terrain’s contours, eliminating scalping for an even cut
• Five offset positions
• Simple height adjustment
• Chains protect against flying discharges
• Suitable for tall grass and saplings up to 3”

ATV Trailer

• Electrical hydraulic tipper 12 V
• Sturdy floor in 2 mm tread plate
• Powerful three-stage tipper ram
• 4 robust tyres
• Practical storage box for actuator
• Headboard and tailgate can be opened
• Includes a jack with crank
• 2” (50 mm) rotatable tow bar ball hitch

ATV Trailer

• A steep, 35 degree dump angle
• Removable End Panels
• The pivoting hitch allows the towing vehicle and the trailer to ride independently over rough terrain without putting torque on the tongue or hitch
• The pivoting jack stand raises or lowers the tongue for easy hitching to the towing vehicle
• Features steel guards

ATV Spreader

• Polyethylene hopper
• Glass-filled nylon gears
• Automatic flowing with spread pattern control
• Calibration control
• Pneumatic wheels


• The sprayer comes with an adjustable boom rack to suit your spraying requirements
• Tow behind on any ATV, quad bike, or mower
• Ratchet straps are included to facilitate mounting and the tank has a low profile for optimal stability
• The reliable pump is engineered with built-in run-dry protection and brass fittings to ensure strong corrosion-free connections
• All components are designed to be durable to enable heavy-duty handling
• Includes 26″ (68 cm) long spray wand
• Covers 315″ (8,000 mm), sprayer width 24″ (600 mm)


3 Pt Verge Flail Mower

• Precision Blade Overlap: The blades are staggered precisely with no gap, achieving an even cutting result
• Reverse Rotor Rotation: The rotor spins opposite the wheels when traveling forward, allowing the blades to shear as the brush folded forward. The debris is then thrown up and over the rotor
• Rotor Tube Diameter: 4 1/2”- Heavy-duty steel tubing for long life
• PTO Shaft Included

3 Pt Chain Drive Rotary Tiller

• Designed for 18 – 40 hp tractors
• Tilling couldn’t be easier for the garden or new ground you need to break up for planting
• Cat I 3-Point 6-spline slip clutch driveline
• Adjustable tiling depth
• Maintenance-free oil bath transmission
• PTO Shaft Included

3 Pt Power Harrow

• Achieves optimal soil break up
• The rotary blade movement exercises horizontal, not vertical pressure on the soil, preventing the formation of a hard layer at depth
• Easy depth control allows quick and easy shallow weed control. Perfect for cover crop mixing
• Perfect soil leveling
• PTO Shaft Included

3 Pt Boom Sickle with Hedge Cutter

• The equipment comes with a cutting diameter of 1 inch
• Can cut a flat top hedge up to 11”tall
• Cuts vertically up to 6’ out
• Handles ditches and banks down to a 45° angle
• Required hydraulic flow between 8 GPM to 11 GPM

Log Splitters

Kinetic Log Splitter - 7T

• With seven tons of splitting force, the time saving design easily splits even hardwood
• The powerful 1.7HP electric motor generates enough force to split 16”diameter logs up to 20” long
• Weighing 130 pounds, the splitter’s compact design moves easily for convenient operation
• Designed with safety in mind, two hands are required for operation and removing your hand from the lever automatically retracts the rack

Kinetic Log Splitter - 34T

• Adjustable front wheel
• Durable powder-coated finish
• Heavy-duty steel work table
• Two-handed control for added safety
• Automatic ram retraction for faster loading
• Fast 3 second cycle time
• Powerful 34-ton splitting power
• Towable construction with a 2’’ (50 mm) hitch ball coupler
• EPA Certified

Generators & Water Pumps

Portable Water Pump

• Lightweight and portable
• Self-priming
• Efficiently moves standing water
• Resistant to corrosion
• Compact
• EPA Certified

Open Frame Generator

• A reliable source for emergency power
• Applications used are, power tools, appliance, and recreation
• Safe and easy to use
• Rugged and dependable
• Wheels and handles included
• EPA Certified

General Chore Equipment

Utility Dumper on Tracks

• Automatic safety brake
• Manual tip
• 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear
• Steering-skid steer
• EPA Certified

Trencher 15 HP

• Creates trenches of 4″ (100mm) width and up to 24″ (600mm) depth
• Digging depth is adjustable in 3 levels
8″/16″/24″ (200/400/600mm)
• The digging chain comes with 27 hardened and separately exchangeable digging teeth
• Ergonomic and adjustable operator handle
• EPA certification

Stump Grinder 15 HP

• Lightweight design
• Ergonomic, adjustable operator handle for easy operation and transport of the stump grinder

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger 9 HP

• 5 Free heavy duty bits included (5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″)
• Delivers a powerful 3600 in. lbs. of torque
• Dependable 9 HP Loncin Engine
• Hydraulic powered
• Low oil alert sensor
• No trailer needed
• EPA certification

Walk Behind Sickle Mower

• Produces very little flying debris compared to other mowers
• Cut material falls flat behind the mower
• Provides a clean cut
• EPA certification

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