ATV Flail Mower - 15 HP

• Full width rear discharge for cutting wide swaths and evenly spreading grass clippings
• Durable “Y” rock blades for mowing heavy grass and light brush
• Seriously reduces mowing time on large lawns and easily cuts grass up to 8” tall
• Floating deck design reduces scalping for great results, even on the trickiest terrain
• Adjustable mowing height from 0” – 6”

ATV Field & Brush Mower - 20.5 HP

• Floating deck design moves with the terrain’s contours, eliminating scalping for an even cut
• Five offset positions
• Simple height adjustment
• Chains protect against flying discharges
• Suitable for tall grass and saplings up to 3”

ATV Trailer-Tandem Axle

ATV Trailer

• Electrical hydraulic tipper 12 V
• Sturdy floor in 2 mm tread plate
• Powerful three-stage tipper ram
• 4 robust tyres
• Practical storage box for actuator
• Headboard and tailgate can be opened
• Includes a jack with crank
• 2” (50 mm) rotatable tow bar ball hitch

ATV Spreader

ATV Spreader

• Polyethylene hopper
• Glass-filled nylon gears
• Automatic flowing with spread pattern control
• Calibration control
• Pneumatic wheels


• The sprayer comes with an adjustable boom rack to suit your spraying requirements
• Tow behind on any ATV, quad bike, or mower
• Ratchet straps are included to facilitate mounting and the tank has a low profile for optimal stability
• The reliable pump is engineered with built-in run-dry protection and brass fittings to ensure strong corrosion-free connections
• All components are designed to be durable to enable heavy-duty handling
• Includes 26″ (68 cm) long spray wand
• Covers 315″ (8,000 mm), sprayer width 24″ (600 mm)

ATV Trailer-Single Axle

ATV Trailer

• A steep, 35 degree dump angle
• Removable End Panels
• The pivoting hitch allows the towing vehicle and the trailer to ride independently over rough terrain without putting torque on the tongue or hitch
• The pivoting jack stand raises or lowers the tongue for easy hitching to the towing vehicle
• Features steel guards

ATV Finishing Mower

ATV Finishing Mower

• 15 HP loncin engine
• Double mulching blade
• 4mm reinforced mower frame, pressed steel wheel forks
• Replacement parts are available

ATV Tandem Trailer

ATV Tandem Trailer

• 2200 lbs. (1,000KGS Capacity)
• Haul up to 2200 lbs. (1,000KGS)
• Steep 35 degree dump angle
• Heavy duty frame construction
• Easily removable end panels
• Pivoting hitch
• Steel guards tire valves                            •Four 22X11-10 offroad ATV tires

ATV Log Saw

ATV Log Saw

• EPA Certified
• Adjustable front feet for easy towing
• 13HP Lifan gasoline engine



3 Pt Boom Sickle with
Hedge Cutter

• Precision Blade Overlap: The blades are staggered precisely with no gap, achieving an even cutting result
• Reverse Rotor Rotation: The rotor spins opposite the wheels when traveling forward, allowing the blades to shear as the brush folded forward. The debris is then thrown up and over the rotor
• Rotor Tube Diameter: 4 1/2”- Heavy-duty steel tubing for long life
• PTO Shaft Included

3 Pt Chain Drive Rotary Tiller

• Designed for 18 – 40 hp tractors
• Tilling couldn’t be easier for the garden or new ground you need to break up for planting
• Cat I 3-Point 6-spline slip clutch driveline
• Adjustable tiling depth
• Maintenance-free oil bath transmission
• PTO Shaft Included

3 Pt Power Harrow

• Achieves optimal soil break up
• The rotary blade movement exercises horizontal, not vertical pressure on the soil, preventing the formation of a hard layer at depth
• Easy depth control allows quick and easy shallow weed control. Perfect for cover crop mixing
• Perfect soil leveling
• PTO Shaft Included

3- Point Hitch Implements

3 Pt Boom Sickle with
Hedge Cutter

• The equipment comes with a cutting diameter of 1 inch
• Can cut a flat top hedge up to 11”tall
• Cuts vertically up to 6’ out
• Handles ditches and banks down to a 45° angle                                                                    • Required hydraulic flow between 8 GPM to 11 GPM

SL 1

H.D. Slasher

• Ideal for 30-50 HP Tractors tractors
• 170cm Cutting Width
• PTO Speed 540 RPM
• Replacement parts are available


3PT Mechanical Wood Chipper

• In-feeding by worm reduction gear
• 360 degrees Rotation angle of discharge chute

QHC1 22

3PT Quick Hitch

• Adjustable top link
• 50HP Maximum tractor Horsepower
• H.D. Steel Construction

GBH5 6

3PT H.D. Rear Grader Blade

• 360 degree off-settable cutting blade
• Support leg for easy storage
• Standard grader blade

BSC5 63 1

3PT Box Scraper

• Height adjustable and removable tynes
• Removable rear grading blade
• Heavy Duty steel frame construction

Log Splitters

Kinetic Log Splitter - 7T

• With seven tons of splitting force, the time saving design easily splits even hardwood
• The powerful 1.7HP electric motor generates enough force to split 16”diameter logs up to 20” long
• Weighing 130 pounds, the splitter’s compact design moves easily for convenient operation
• Designed with safety in mind, two hands are required for operation and removing your hand from the lever automatically retracts the rack

Kinetic Log Splitter - 34T

• Adjustable front wheel
• Durable powder-coated finish
• Heavy-duty steel work table
• Two-handed control for added safety
• Automatic ram retraction for faster loading
• Fast 3 second cycle time
• Powerful 34-ton splitting power
• Towable construction with a 2’’ (50 mm) hitch ball coupler
• EPA Certified

Log Splitter

Hydraulic Log Splitter

• Reclaim overgrown land with the FBM 44.
• With multiple tongue offsets
• With an extended throttle cable
• it can be mounted on your ATV

3PT Log Splitter

3PT Log Splitter

• Hydraulic operation makes wood splitter easy and safe
• Horizontal or vertical positioning
• Wide blade for multiple log splitting
• Easy for one person to operate                  • Auto neutral                                                  • Vertical and horizontal splitting                  • 4-way splitting wedge only for WX350 & WX380

Generators & Water Pumps

water pump

Portable Water Pump

• Lightweight and portable
• Self-priming
• Efficiently moves standing water
• Resistant to corrosion
• Compact
• EPA Certified

Open Frame Generator

• A reliable source for emergency power
• Applications used are, power tools,       appliance, and recreation
• Safe and easy to use
• Rugged and dependable
• Wheels and handles included
• EPA Certified

2250IS AND 4500IE 1

Silent Inverter Generators

• High quality power output

• High fuel efficiency

• Quite operation

• Automatically throttles up and down to meet


Lighter, smaller in size than

 conventional generators

• EPA Certified


Semi-Trash Pump

• Handles small debris

• Lightweight and portable

• Effectively moves standing water

• Applications: emergency flooding, dewatering

excavations, swimming pools

• EPA certified


Utility Dumper on Tracks

• Automatic safety brake
• Manual tip
• 3 forward gears and 1 reverse gear
• Steering-skid steer
• EPA Certified

Trencher 15 HP

• Creates trenches of 4″ (100mm) width and up to 24″ (600mm) depth
• Digging depth is adjustable in 3 levels
8″/16″/24″ (200/400/600mm)
• The digging chain comes with 27 hardened and separately exchangeable digging teeth
• Ergonomic and adjustable operator handle
• EPA certification

Stump Grinder 15 HP

• Lightweight design
• Ergonomic, adjustable operator handle for easy operation and transport of the stump grinder

Hydraulic Post Hole Digger 9 HP

• 5 Free heavy duty bits included (5″, 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″)
• Delivers a powerful 3600 in. lbs. of torque
• Dependable 9 HP Loncin Engine
• Hydraulic powered
• Low oil alert sensor
• No trailer needed
• EPA certification

General Chore Equipment

Walk Behind Sickle Mower

• Produces very little flying debris compared to other mowers
• Cut material falls flat behind the mower
• Provides a clean cut
• EPA certification

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