Meet Alfred Otto, CEO & President

Alfred is Dynaline’s current CEO/President. He began as a young entrepreneur selling a small selection of products to the hard working farmers of rural Canada. The quickly expanding and competitive agriculture industry created a demand for more efficient and trustworthy solutions. Through his dedication to providing these solutions, Dynaline has grown into a trusted brand throughout Canada with a wide range of products in the Automotive, Industrial, Hardware and Agriculture industry. Alf’s personal dedication to his customers has become a company wide standard and Dynaline continues to focus on maintaining his values of being a trustworthy and affordable business partner.

Today, Dynaline still works hard for our customers and we are always expanding our resources to provide our clients with the services that they want and that the market demands. We are proud to be a privately held Canadian company working to provide solutions for Canadians by Canadians.

Alfred Otto

We want our customers to see the true value beyond the products when partnering with us. We want them to know that they are buying peace of mind. Working with our customers we protect them by ensuring programs, and products are a right fit for them.


Meet our management

General Manager

Viktor Vila

  • Coaches managers for continual improvement
  • Monitors company performance.
  • Negotiates and manages customer programs

Supply chain manager

William Felix

  • Purchasing management
  • New product development
  • Logistics management
  • Inventory control

Warehouse Manager

Ken Huynh

  • Manages Warehouse Team
  • Health & Safety
  • Online Sales Strategy

business development manager

Evan Goodwin

  • Aligns sales and marketing activities
  • Explores new growth opportunities
  • Manages communications 
  • Executes new intiatives

HR & Project manager

Jennifer Davidson

  • Price list maintenance
  • Quality management system
  • Human resources management
  • E-commerce & ERP maintenance

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