Systematic Review Process

We consult with our partners to organize their retail space for maximum return, providing merchandising that allows customers to easily recognize the breadth of your offering.


Find the Right Product Mix

We analyze what works for you, make new product recommendations based on historical popularity, and provide stock guarantees that ensure you aren’t sitting on stale inventory.


Quarterly Reports

We provide comprehensive reports quarterly that help identify new opportunities and ensure that our partnership continually bears fruit.


We Listen to You

We pay attention to what our partners tell us, and we use that information to improve our services and add to our product offering.


Adapt to New Technology

We have product information ready for you to deploy through your online network. We offer an e-commerce platform and online attendants. Most Importantly, we stay on top of innovations to provide our partners with more value over time.


Guarantee Success

We provide a 100% stock guarantee on all new products for an entire year. If our products do not sell to your satisfaction, we take them back, no questions, no penalties. As your partner, we are committed to providing you with recurring revenue and quality products.

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